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Whether you’ve just finished your first screenplay, or you’re a seasoned veteran, all writers need an objective eye to view their work. For an impartial opinion on the state of your script, plus recommendations on how you may improve your work to suit industry professionals, then why not check out my range of services now.

Over the years I have been reading and reviewing screenplays, a lot of my customers are simply looking for an unbiased opinion on their work; let’s face it, the feedback from our friends and family can only take us so far. Others are confident with their script, but need an eagle eye proofreading for typos before they submit their work to competitions or companies.

Whatever position you are, get in contact today. I’m ready to read your work.

 Professional, unbiased, and friendly advice
 In depth review of plot, character, dialogue and story
 Quick turnaround
 Very affordable rates and new-writer friendly
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